Monday, February 28, 2011

One of my drones

Hi everyone:

My son Connor, one of the "drones" from my book Lost in the Hive, once agreed to have his head shaved in support of an aunt and cousin who were battling cancer. Things didn't go as well as we had expected. Please check it out!




  1. I'm reading the archives - I love this blog! There are SO many doting stay-at-home parent bloggers out there right now; all enshrining their new families with a saccharine falseness. Your blog presents a fantastic alternative - thank you for giving us something REAL to relate to!

  2. Part of me is killing myself laughing at the gagging - and the other part just spat coffee on the monitor cos i SWEAR I heard someone in the background saying "I. SMELL. FART!!" *giggling*


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