Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can YOU Find the Hidden Cottage Cheese Container?

Last night, when my fifteen-year-old son and his unceasing hunger ventured in from outside, I told them they could find leftover chili in the fridge, in a cottage cheese container at the front of the middle shelf. As I would soon learn, I have a tendency to be too vague in my descriptions.

How trained is your eye? Can you spot it? I'll give you a hint: it's in a blue-and-yellow container. Oh, and it's on the MIDDLE shelf, at the FRONT.

"Where is it again, Dad?"

"On the middle shelf, at the front. It's in a cottage cheese container."

"Huh. Hmm. It's not here."

"Really? I just put it there. Did you look?"

"Yes, I looked. It's not here. Are you sure? I see yogurt."

"Yes, there's yogurt. But there's no chili in yogurt containers, to the best of my knowledge. But I can tell you there IS chili in a cottage cheese container. Right there in the front. Middle shelf. Probably by the yogurt."

"No. It's not here."

"It's in a blue container, with a yellow band. It's right there. Really. Did you look AROUND the yogurt?"

"Yes. It must be gone. All that's here is a tub."

"Oh, okay. One question. Is it a cottage cheese tub?"



"I was looking for a clear container with the words 'cottage cheese' on top."

"Yes, son, of course you were"

Priceless. I can't WAIT to show this to future girlfriends.

P.S. In case you couldn't spot the blue-and-yellow cottage cheese container at the front of the middle shelf, check out the reveal below:

See? It's really there!


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