Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not a Tough Guy...Brian Watches "One Man, One Jar"

A few weeks ago, our friends Jack and Kristin visited our home for a few drinks. During a conversation that I had, of course, directed toward the inappropriate, I mentioned that I had once walked into a room as my older boys were watching "Two Girls, One Cup". If you've seen it, you know just how disgusting it is; if you haven't, consider yourself fortunate.

Jack then asked if I'd ever seen "One Man, One Jar". I had not. The attached video (via Facebook) shows my reaction to viewing it for the first time.

WARNING: I swear like a sailor throughout, and Patty's background commentary is equally appalling. At about the mid-point, I convince myself it's completely fake; however, this doesn't keep me from squirming.


1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid to admit that I've seen this video.

    I'm considering emailing someone to find out what they ate to make them shit like that. Because whatever it is, I need to get some.

    You know how pregnancy can fuck up the colon, right?


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