Monday, September 28, 2009

Misery and loved company

On Saturday night, a group of us watched Misery, the second-most horrifying movie starring Kathy Bates.

Number one is of course About Schmidt, which forever proved that full-frontal nudity isn't always a good thing. I'd be willing to bet the director settled on one take for that hot-tub scene. "And...cut. It's a wrap! Quickly...get Kathy her robe. QUICKLY!!!"

All through Misery, I kept thinking to myself, "I would go through all of this happily--being drugged, hit with a ream of paper, called 'Mr. Man' and hobbled--if everything I ever wrote became a bitchly, cocka-doodie bestseller."

I then noticed a hangnail and whimpered, so perhaps not.


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